A letter to Fred Keller and the rest of us



On Jan. 4, Fred Keller, my representative to the U.S. House of Representatives, explained that he intends to challenge the electoral votes from Pennsylvania in the Jan. 6 certification vote of the electoral college results, not because they are based on election fraud (a claim made by President Trump but never successfully pursued in Pennsylvania state or federal courts) but because he believes the state’s election laws to be unconstitutional.

(One has to presume Fred, you are referring to the US Constitution rather than the state constitution but you aren’t very clear on that.)

In your own words: “I’m simply saying that those electors should not be awarded as per they were certified because the selection of the electors was not done by the Constitution.”

A check of Rep Keller’s background suggests Fred may lack much background to judge the constitutionality of a law.

He was never a judge let alone a lawyer.

He seems not to have been a political science or history major as even a post high school institution appears missing from his bio.

Regardless, experience be damned, Fred knows Pennsylvania’s modifications to election laws made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are unconstitutional.

The time to challenge election laws was BEFORE the election Fred, but you did not do that.

Instead you hope to disenfranchise us as sycophants for autocrats are want to do.

No challenge to the laws by which we the people of this state voted has survived a court challenge before the Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court, Federal courts, or the US Supreme Court.

Fred, feel free to check this in the Constitution you swore to “protect and defend,” but the US Constitution makes clear that running elections belongs to the state.

The courts, not you, not the U.S. Congress, not the President, determines the constitutionality of voting laws. You, as well as I, attended Shikellamy School High School.

Were you by chance absent when our Social Studies teachers made that point or weren’t you paying attention?

Also of note is the hypocrisy of challenging an election in which you yourself ran and won.

If you believe Biden did not carry Pennsylvania, why should we here in the 12th Congressional District believe you carried the district?


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