Clinically proven COVID therapeutic



In my research, I have found that the Zyesami/Aviptadil COVID-19 therpeautic has proven successful in meeting primary and secondary enpoints, preventing people who are critically ill from the virus from dying. The success is based on Phase II and Phase III trials.

Therapeutic trials were conducted by NeuroRx, a private company based here in Pennsylvania.

The terapeutic’s owner, Relief Therapeutics (ticker: RLFTF) is a Geneva, Switzerland-based company.

The FDA has had access to the complete trial data set for nearly a month now, and regardless of Zyesami/Aviptadil’s proven efficacy, the FDA is seemingly dragging its feet, while thousands of people continue to NEEDLESSLY die EVERY day, who could potentially be saved by this therapeutic.

Zyesami/Aviptadil achieved both statistical and clinical significance in meeting ALL of its primary and secondary endpoints. The p-values demonstrating statistical significance were extremely low, which means the likelihood of these results occurring by random chance are also extremely low.

Additionally, people who received Zyesami/Aviptadil went home from the hospital an average of 11 to 13 days sooner than people who received the placebo, which in this case was SOC (“standard of care”) that included the treatment Remdesivir.

We have seen Big Pharma’s vaccines get pushed through the EUA process with relative ease and “lightning speed,” for the FDA…we’re talking just a couple of weeks for some of them, and some of which, I might add, are now halted due to blood clotting concerns…while the proven safe and successful therapeutic Zyesami/Aviptadil waits indefinitely on the sidelines for its EUA to begin saving people here in the States, and elsewhere in the world. (You can form your own opinions as to why that’s happening.)

The trial’s results are readily available for review online…all you have to do is search for it.

This story is too important to turn a blind eye to. Please, get this story covered and reported.


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