Republican history


State College

“What have you done to my party?”

John Heinz, William Scranton, Hugh Scott, Richard Schweiker and Richard Thornburgh are asking this.

How a party that was run by men of character and integrity is now run by people who deny care to veterans and fist bump each other because of it — after they wrap themselves in the flag and scream about supporting our troops.

For our shame, it was the senator of Pennsylvania who did lead them. How could they nominate a man from New Jersey who is famous, among other things, for touting a “miracle pill” that makes you lose weight when you sleep? Yes, Dr. Oz is a snake oil salesman, trying to get into the seat that was once John Heinz’s.

Or the nominee for governor, who is quite chummy with neo-nazis. Because the originals were such nice fellows, so he wants the new version.

You hear that rumbling? A lot of old time Republicans are turning over in their graves.


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