Republican voting legislation a solution in search of a problem


Last year a record number of Pennsylvanians either went to the polls or put their ballot in the mail, taking part in our democracy during an unprecedented pandemic. Election officials and workers moved heaven and Earth to ensure every ballot was counted, that every voter had their say. And ...

Welcome to the Greatest Nation on Earth

Letters to the editor

HOWARD E. WILT South Williamsport Flag Day has once again been observed in our nation so it’s time to reflect on what our emblem of freedom or the American Flag stands for. In the last 247 years, this great nation has been guided and preserved by the words in our Constitution given to our ...

Dear Annie: To tell or not


Dear Annie: My former spouse, “Ted,” was extremely abusive — not physically but emotionally, psychologically and financially. He is good at it, and his victims are like a frog in a hot pot. Ted breaks you down so gradually, slowly grooming you to question your perceptions of everything. ...

Race horses vs. higher education in Pa.


In a few short weeks, the Board of Governors of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) will vote on a plan to consolidate six of its campuses, dramatically reducing its offerings to students in Northwest, Central, and Southwest Pennsylvania. If approved, the consolidation ...

Over half of adults unvaccinated for COVID-19 fear needles


If you’re among the 25% of Americans averse to needles, you’re probably not surprised by the COVID-19 immunization stall. Even for those who want immunity, bribes with beer or lottery tickets may not be enough to override anxiety made worse by pervasive images of needles in the ...

Dear Annie: My money, my problems


Dear Annie: I have been married for 20 years. When my wife and I first married, I was the sole breadwinner. I had a very good job and made a pretty comfortable living. My wife stayed home and raised our children. In 2008, technological advances rendered my line of work obsolete. I had to start ...