Woodward Twp. auditor resigns

LOCKPORT — Woodward Township supervisors rescinded a motion to accept auditor Rebecca Reeder’s resignation at last night’s meeting.

Reeder moved to Pine Creek Township which made her ineligible to be a township auditor. Originally a motion was made by Supervisor Wayne Love and seconded by John Barth to accept the resignation but after a suggestion made by Solicitor Bob O’Conner they retracted the motion.

The supervisors have 45 days to accept the resignation which gives them added time to find Reeder’s replacement, O’Conner said.

If they were to accept it immediately the supervisors would have only 30 days to find a replacement, he said.

If they were unable to find one in time the decision would be given to the vacancy board for another 15 days, he said.

His recommendation was to wait until their October meeting to accept the resignation, which will give them extra time to find Reeder’s replacement.

A motion was made by Barth and seconded by Love and the resignation was rescinded by unanimous vote.


– Supervisors requested that O’Conner add to their grass and weeds ordinance to include prohibiting grass from being blown out onto roadways.

“It’s been an issue with people all over,” Supervisor Chairman Kyle Coleman said.

People have been blowing their grass clippings into the roadway which poses a threat to motorcyclists and over all doesn’t look good, he said.

O’Conner said the township does have an ordinance already in place prohibiting property owners from leaving substances such as sandstone, grass, liquids and chemicals, on public roads and alleys.

– Supervisors asked O’Conner to look into what the township can do about neglected pools.

Neglected pools have been an issue for years and can become a mosquito trap, Coleman said.

It could possibly be labeled as a nuisance but O’Conner is unsure of how difficult it could be to create the ordinance.

He will look into what kind of regulations can be put in place to make sure pool owners take care of their pools, he said.

– The township has been dealing with drainage and flooding, Supervisor Chair Kyle Coleman said.

Electricity was shut off at the boat launch on Monday Sept. 20 due to the large amount of flooding in Riverview Park, Coleman said.

The launch did not flood but he wanted to be cautious, he said.

Owners of river lots saw the flooding coming and were able to remove their boats and other equipment out of the flood zone, he said.

The Dunnstown Fire Company assisted in flushing out catch basins in the township, he said.

A large tree had fallen in the park but was removed by township workers, Barth said.

– Supervisors accepted Terry Banfill’s resignation from the county’s Flood Protection Authority. Banfill represented Woodward Township on the board.

They also made a motion to replace Banfill with Thomas Frank.

Frank was originally a representative for Lock Haven City until he moved to Woodward Township.

The motion to appoint Frank was made by Love and seconded by Barth.

– Brenda Fetzer has been re-appointed to the Clinton County Sewer Board through a unanimous vote.

Fetzer is already serving as a member.

– Skills USA, a Keystone Central High School CTC organization, was given permission to use Riverview Park for a #20-Strong walk on Saturday Oct. 27.

Central Mountain students Avery Mahoney, Liz Bottorf and Julia Knarr organized the walk to help raise awareness for brain injuries as well as raise funds to support Jersey Shore High School senior Caleb Leone.

Leone suffered severe brain trauma during a football practice back in August and has since been moved to a rehabilitation center in Hershey.

Registration will begin at 10 a.m. and the walk will begin at 11 a.m.

Supervisors also gave the group use of their small pavilion and waived the $50 rental fee through a motion made by Barth and seconded by Love.

They permitted two other organizations use of the park as well.

SPCA Pet Extravaganza will be using the park on Oct. 7 and a Cystic Fibrosis 5K run is scheduled for May 4, 2019.

– The following report was made by Woodward Township Police Chief Steve Falotico:

Two ordinance arrests; 20 traffic arrests; two criminal arrests; one warrant issued; 14 written warnings; four verbal warnings; two vehicle accidents; 152 calls for service and 38 follow up incident investigations.

The District Attorney office will also be awarding the police department with digital cameras for each of their police cruisers, Falotico said.

These cameras will make investigating incidents and documenting crime scenes much easier than before, he said.