Comfort bags donated to UPMC Cancer Center


The Paternostro Family Foundation recently donated 50 Harnessing Hope bags to Susquehanna Health Foundation to benefit patients at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center in Williamsport. Over the past five years, the Foundation has provided 550 Harnessing Hopes bags to support newly-diagnosed cancer patients. Each bag comes with items a patient may find useful to have close by to help with the environment, including snacks, hand cream, mouthwash, wet wipes, and more. A notebook is included to write down moments of laughter, conversations worth noting, information about medications, ideas for the future, and more. Each item is intended to provide a little comfort through the uncomfortable parts of the cancer journey. Pictured from left are Stephanie Steinbacher, Susquehanna Health Foundation; Laurie King, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center; and Marthalie R. Paternostro and Krista Paternostro Bower, Paternostro Family Foundation.