Finding Faith: Re-working our words


Each person on this earth walks about with a vague sense of the people that we have influence over. Most people will vastly underestimate the scope and breadth of their true influence.

We are content to live, believing that our influence and our words and our actions remain contained within a very finite number of individuals in our lives. For a majority of people in our community this means that our range of potential observers who will learn and mimic our behavior becomes wrapped in a nice little bow we call, “our family.”

We see our children mimic and imitate us and it briefly gives us a window into our own behavior and language. Anyone with a two-year-old can tell you that they are, in fact, a walking recording device just waiting to spew the last thing they heard you say that caught their attention often at a most inopportune time!

This illusion in which our words and influence do not extend beyond our families or even our close-knit circle of friends is a dangerous lie to live under. The truth is the words we speak can radiate out from these inner circles and touch the furthest edges of our communities.

Consider for a moment the words we speak as we go through the line at the grocery store or at the bank. Let us take a brief moment out of our own world, full of concerns as it is, and just look at the world in which we live and the power of the words we speak to others.

Look and see the people around us in this community who are hungry for encouragement and need a kind word although, they could not or would not ever tell you that they are. We each have the potential within us to bring Light and Life into the lives of our neighbors, no not just the ones who live next door, the neighbors of our community and our county.

There has never been a shortage of people who need Hope, Life, and Love and we have the opportunity every single day to bring the Word of God to them. We can be a community committed to speaking the Word and when we do, we will find moments, precious and beautiful they will be, to share encouragement with one another in Jesus Christ.

— — — —

Finding Faith is written by area pastors. This week’s column comes from Pastor Matt Kinley of First Church of Christ, Lock Haven.


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