Coco Holistic is new self-help sanctuary in Lock Haven

JOHN RISHEL/THE EXPRESS Country Riggs, owner of Coco Holistic on 130 Main Street, Lock Haven.

LOCK HAVEN — Courtney Riggs is a first-time business owner. She owns Coco Holistic, a new business that officially opened up Sept. 1 on 130 Main St. in the Simon Building above Vape Haven and Taco Inc.

Coco Holistic does not sell products, but is more of a mental health service that specializes in clinical hypnosis, transformational life coaching, and mental therapy.

Riggs, who is Pennsylvania born, is interested in working with and helping people recover from addiction and post-traumatic stress.

“I was a hairstylist, I wanted something more. Then I became a mother and decided to go into healing and self-help,” Riggs said.

“A lot of people in life deal with stress and anxiety. I hope to help them through that. I feel that people in general are in need of healing. I want to heal, improve and enhance people’s lives. I don’t diagnose or treat illnesses or disorders, I am just here to help guide,” Riggs explained passionately.

The business also offers classes in smoking cessation, past-life regression, and weight loss.

Riggs said that Coco Holistic plans to do several events to get word out about the company. She plans to host a once-per-month kid meet-up to teach mindfulness, something she plans to run through the whole school year.

On top of that, Riggs plans guided meditation sessions every Sunday in October.

Both of these opportunities are by donation and require registration.

“It’s a small space, but I’m hoping to meet new people,” Riggs said.

“I have been working with Taco Inc. downstairs, handing out brochures. I have been working with Full Circle, a wellness center in Mill Hall. I have offered workshops in other locations,” she said.

Riggs wants the community to know that Coco Holistic is here and may have services that could help you further enjoy your life. Right now, it’s about getting the word out, she said.

“On opening day, we were actually downtown at the Lock Haven Jaycees Boat Regatta, handing out brochures and snacks. People were really responsive. It was nice,” she said.

“I’ve overcome obstacles in my life through hypnotherapy and now share that with others. In general, people have a lot of questions and curiosities around hypnotherapy. I’m just happy to show people the power of hypnosis and how it can change lives,” she said.

“I want to share a quote, from Carl Jung, that goes: ‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate,'” she added.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to call 570-367-8386, visit the Coco Holistic Facebook page, or go to

All meetings are by appointment only.