Kay Madden publishes first book, holds two book signings on Thursday

Kay Madden

LOCK HAVEN — It’s been a long time coming, but after almost five years, Kay Madden is proud to show off her very first book.

Kay will be doing two book signings next weekend to sell her masterpiece, “Breaking the Promise,” and she can’t wait.

“It took me almost five years… four years writing it and then a year working with a publisher to make my dream come true,” Kay said.

Kay, who lives in Chatham Village, said the idea of writing a book “just came to me one day. My husband encouraged me… if you have this in mind, do something with it.”

And so she did.

“It took awhile… but now I’m on my second one,” Kay said with a smile.

“I already have it all in my head. I know where it’s going… I even have the title,” she continued.

She described “Breaking a Promise,” as a “mystery… love story… something you would see on the Lifetime or Hallmark channels.”

The story is about a single lady named Hanna, a receptionist in a doctor’s office, and a gentleman named Grant, a legal lawyer for a business firm. They meet in a library and their attraction to one another leads them through a story with sorrow, tragedy, secrets and a joy to an unexpected ending.

Kay says this book is for readers who want to read a good story in a short time, Kay said of the 98-page paperback, whose print is larger than normal and easy to read.

“I hope people will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it,” she said.

It’s obvious Kay was in no hurry to get the book written.

“It took awhile. I just worked on it when I felt like it… in between everything else,” she said, adding that getting it ready for publication took longer than she expected.

“But now it’s done and I can’t wait to share it with the public,” she said.

Two book signings will be held on Thursday, April 8. The first from 10-3 p.m. at Restless Oaks and the second one from 6-8 p.m. at Oregon Hill Winery, both in McElhattan.

The book will be sold at a discount on the day of the signings. It can also be found on Apple iTunes, Amazon and e-book under the name of Kay Williams, after her father’s first name.


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