What a country

In the last three decades, how many African-American men have been murdered by a police officer?

Long before President Trump got in office there was a three-decade period of hell on Earth for millions of U.S. citizens. All races in our country lost their jobs. All small and large towns and cities saw boarded up and dismantled factories. The railways ceased to move supplies from one manufacturer to another.

It didn’t take long before we watched helplessly as poverty became more prevalent and the middle class was vanishing before our eyes.

The loss of millions of jobs caused more suicide, murder, divorce, violent crimes and severe depression. Why wasn’t there outrage, riots, protesting non-stop in the streets?

Every time I see a sports game on TV I quickly turn the channel. Most sports events promote and help the very same manufacturers that caused our country so much hardship. It’s hard to watch as so many statues are destroyed or removed.

Those statues are destroyed or removed. Those statues don’t represent saints. They represent people that were wise.

Trust me when I say there is nothing virtuous about arrogant noisy behavior in the streets.

Only a savage would take their own helpless, tiny children to the horrible protests we are seeing today. May God help us all.


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