A bigger picture than canceling NFL



In response to Jack Craft’s Oct. 11 letter to the editor, “Thank a vet, not the NFL,” the letter, first and foremost, coming from a family with multiple veterans, I have the utmost respect for our military, as well as every soldier’s bravery and sacrifice.

Your entire argument, however, is playing ‘Monday Morning Quarterback’, based upon current partisan politics. What’s missing in your conjecture, too, is that every American also has the right to peacefully protest when they feel their country isn’t standing up to for them.

Unless you’ve personally experienced the inherent, institutional racism against people of color in the U.S. first-hand, your “who the hell do they think they are” comment is unwarranted.

Their voices aren’t being heard; where and when do you believe is the more appropriate place to protest, Mr. Craft?

Your sentiments, calling players ‘numb nuts’ and asking ‘who the hell they think they are?’– is not respectful speech, yet you have the freedom to voice that opinion, even have it published in the newspaper. Your right to say it, isn’t that’s part of what ‘makes America great’ according to your politics? Players, too, have that right.

Please also don’t forget, every year that you’ve patronized the NFL since the 1970s, you’ve personally paid into making those players ‘the greatest heroes’ that you and I both agree is remiss.

As for “turning their backs on the fans,” I’d implore you to consider this: Until recently, the NFL didn’t even look out for their players’ health and best interests, just look at the CTE statistics– what makes you think they’d give a lick about spectators?

And again, Monday Morning Quarterback, when you didn’t know about Soros– did it really effect you– or is it that it now offends because it’s anti-Trump? As the strong supporter of veterans that you clearly are, the deplorable conditions existing for them currently, and within the Veterans Administration system as a whole, isn’t that more worthy of addressing rather than players taking a knee or when and where the NFL spends its money?