Flemington to consider IPMC ordinance

FLEMINGTON — Flemington Borough Council will consider enacting an ordinance involving property maintenance as well as the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) at their Feb. 13 meeting at 7 p.m.

Council is considering enacting the IPMC to better establish and enforce rules regarding property maintenance within the borough.

IPMC regulates and governs the conditions and maintenance of structures within a borough and provides penalties for violators and the condemnation of buildings and structures unfit for human occupancy and use.

The regulations would include eight chapters ranging from the roles and authority the borough will have involving enforcement of the IPMC to establishment of criteria for installing and maintaining heating and air conditioning, ventilation and fireplaces.

According to a notice of intent from the borough office, chapter one will involve the establishment of necessary legal basis for enforcement of the code by the borough.

This includes all the police powers inherent in enforcing the IPMC’s minimum standards for the use and maintenance of buildings that must follow the line of authority from the United State’s Constitution to the state and borough, the notice said.

The chapter defines roles and responsibilities of the borough.

Sections 201 and 202 from Chapter two will address practical concerns that may be encountered while interpreting the code in relation to the use of gender, tense and singular versus plural. It also provides an alphabetical listing of terms that are commonly used through the code.

Chapter three lists a variety of requirements for exterior property areas as well as interior and exterior elements of the structure.

The chapter specifies criteria for installation and maintenance regulations for building components. It also includes requirements for regulating safety, sanitation and the appearance of interior and exterior structure.

Chapter four established the minimum criteria for light and ventilation and identifies occupancy limitations.

Chapter five consists of the minimum criteria required for the installation, maintenance and location of plumbing systems and facilities including water supply systems, water heating appliance, sewage disposal systems and related plumbing fixtures.

Chapter six establishes minimum criteria for the installation and maintenance of heating and air conditioning equipment appliances and systems, water-heating equipment and appliances, ventilation and exhaust equipment, gas and liquid fuel distributing piping and components, fireplaces and solid fuel-burning appliance, chimneys and vents, electrical services, lighting fixtures, electrical receptacle outlets, electrical distribution system equipment, devices and wiring, and elevators escalators and dumbwaiters.

Chapter seven establishes minimum requirements for fire safety facilities and fire protection systems.

The final chapter included, chapter eight, contains a comprehensive list of all standards that are referenced within the IPMC code.

The full ordinance can be viewed at the borough office during regular business hours.