A jerk and his job


When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a private employer to get rid of a worker deemed bad for business, he or she can. Such appears to be the fate of Jon Gruden, who resigned as the Las Vegas Raiders football coach after a trove of racist, sexist and homophobic ...

So many years of helping kids have a lot of fun

Our View

Over 60 years of working to help kids have fun — well, that’s worthy of praise. And praise is just what retired school teacher Jack Bailey received recently as the City of Lock Haven renamed a playground in his honor. It’s called Jack Bailey Playground at Hammermill Park. The ...

Dear Annie: Overwhelmed by ice cream


Dear Annie: I read your column every day, and I read with great interest the letter from the wife whose husband had an affair 20 years earlier. She was bitter that none of her friends told her about it. I found myself in a similar situation, only I was the friend, and I DID tell her that her ...

Temporary loss of memory triggered by stress


DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a 67-year-old woman in good health. I received two doses of the Moderna vaccine. Within 16 hours of receiving the second dose I developed what was ultimately diagnosed as transient global amnesia after an extensive workup at our local hospital. My family was extremely ...

Mass inoculations fought off smallpox as freedom rang


Many Americans of the founding era denounced government tyranny, celebrated the Declaration of Independence — and favored lockdowns and mass inoculations to combat a viciously contagious disease. Unchecked, smallpox kills more than one in 10 of its victims, leaving many of the rest ...