Clinton County Courthouse Roundup


— Lacey Danielle Bradshaw, of Lock Haven, to Oceana Diane School, of Lock Haven, on Sept. 2.

— Kennedey Ann Courter, of Mill Hall, to Tyler Steven Plessinger, of Mill Hall, on Sept. 2.

— Eric Cooper, of Seattle, Wash., and Teodora Jenee Monoski, of Seattle, Wash., on Sept. 3.

— Karie Ann Greenaway, of Reston, to Gregory Eric Morisette, of Reston, on Sept. 3.

— Nikki Jean Hurler, of Chesapeake, Va., to Emily Anne Jordan, of Chesapeake, Va. on Sept. 4.

— Dara Michelle Megivern, of Syracue, N.Y., to Brayden Ray Shipman, of Syracuse, N.Y., on Sept. 4.

— Amy Lynne Sorbin, of North Bend, to Thomas Wayne Strong, of North Bend, on Sept. 4.

— Cora Lee Allen, of Lock Haven, to John Richard Stout, of Lock Haven, on Sept. 8.

— Stephanie Ann Force, of Lock Haven, to Jesse Lee James, of Lock Haven, on Sept. 8.

— Cole Leroy Hanley, of Beech Creek, to Ashley Nicohle Kshir, of Beech Creek, on Sept. 8.


— No divorces were recorded.


— Rickie K. Smith to Richard M. Doebler for $25,000, property in Castanea Township.

— Grady C. and Jane L. Leiter to Christ E. and Bena S. Kauffman for $150,000, property in Logan Township.

— Eric W. Royer, Neil F. and Kelly J. Andrus, Samuel W. and Sharon L. Royer and Thomas E. and Rhona R. Demchak to Jennifer M. Packer for $125,000, property in Woodward Township.

— Bobby R. and Donna M. Martin to Eugene W. and Harriet G. Nuss for $18,000, property in South Renovo.

— Dianna Campbell and Margaret B. Weaver Estate to Michael Patrick Mann for $56,000, property in Beech Creek Township.

— Gary D. Scheidecker to Elwood L. and Mary l. Stover for $268,000, property in Greene Township.

— Phyllis Douty to Karen E. Sanders for $145,900, property in Loganton.

— Paul C. Nelson to Delia Behpour for $75,000, property in Lock Haven.

— Judith A. Wirth to Lawrence L. Wallen III and Brianne N. Brewer for $170,000, property in Pine Creek Township.

— David W. Weaver and Walter B. Weaver Estate to Aaron Thomas Miller for $95,000, property in Lamar Township.

— Christopher S. and Colette J. Heinz to Laura Zeigler for $134,550, property in Bald Eagle Township.


— 7,519 Democrats

— 11,141 Republicans

— 33 Green party

— 108 Libertarian

— 2,563 other

— 21,364 total voters


— 6 Democrats

— 50 Republicans

— 2 Libertarians

— 12 no affiliation

— 20 party changes

— 55 address changes


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