Triggerman in Boob murder turned away from effort at new trial

W pic, headshot, in temp digital 10-24 Heichel, Ronald

BELLEFONTE – The triggerman in the 2009 murder of Samuel Boob was denied his effort at a new trial this week, after Centre County Judge Jonathan D. Grine denied his Petition for Post-Conviction Collateral Relief.

Ronald Heichel had been convcited of first degree murder, third degree murder, and conspiracy for the intentional and premeditated slaying of his paramour’s husband, Samuel Boob.

According to police, in 2012, the defendant was hired by his lover, Mirinda Boob, as a hitman to kill her husband.

The Superior Court previously denied Boob’s and Heichel’s direct appeal to the Superior and PA Supreme Courts in the fall of 2012.

Heichel filed a petition under the Post-Conviction Relief Act claiming that his attorney was ineffective and violated his constitutional rights, asking for a hearing on the matter before the trial court. Heichel asserted a myriad of injustices, including that his attorney was ineffective for failing to properly investigate, cross-examine witnesses, and pursue at trial and on appeal the issue of an alternative perpetrator/shooter referenced in the police reports.

On September 21, 2015, Judge Grine released his order, stating that defendant’s mere suggestion of the possibility of an alternative trial strategy (the alternative shooter) does not give rise to an ineffective assistance of counsel claim.

Samuel Boob was fatally shot on August 23, 2009.

The defendant was convicted of being the conspirator who fired the fatal shots ending Samuel Boob’s life. Ron Heichel had been working at the Grange Fair and met Mirinda Boob just weeks earlier at Snappy’s, in Centre Hall. They struck up a relationship and together hatched a plan in which Heichel traveled to the victim’s home and hid inside the garage.

The defendants worked together to then lure the victim out to the garage where Heichel was waiting. Heichel shot the victim twice with the victim’s own shot gun at close range, killing him. Heichel then fled the scene in a Garbrick’s truck with another fair worker, Kermit Butts.

Boob arranged to ‘discover’ her husband as he lay dying in their driveway, feigning despair over his condition and ignorance as to what happened as she spoke to the 911 operator. The discovery of text messages from the morning of the shooting between the two defendants plotting to lure Samuel Boob to the garage, however, indicated her foreknowledge and complicity in the events leading up to her husband’s death.

Trial testimony revealed that Boob had met Heichel mere weeks before they began conspiring to kill the victim. The Commonwealth proved that in 2008 and 2009, prior to meeting Heichel, Boob had previously solicited two other men she had engaged in extra-marital affairs with to kill her husband, Samuel Boob. Testimony at trial indicated that Boob was interested in starting her life over and hoped the victim’s life insurance would finance her new beginning.

Mirinda Boob’s PCRA was denied October 6, 2014.


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