Coroner: Woman found dead along I-80 was a shot in head


MILE RUN — The woman whose body was found along Route 80 was a model in New York City and died from multiple gunshots to the head, the Union County coroner said.

Rebecca Landrith worked as a professional model in the Big Apple, but on Sunday, the 47-year-old from Virginia was found dead along the Mile Run interchange of Interstate 80, just east of Loganton but in Union County.

Coroner Dominick Adamo said Landrith was shot in the head, neck and throat multiple times, and her death has been ruled a homicide.

Investigators were back at the scene on Wednesday at the Mile Run Interchange (199).

State police would not say whether they believe Landrith was killed at the exit ramp or somewhere else.

According to her website, Rebecca Landrith was a model and a finalist for Miss Manhattan in 2014. She was also a violinist.

Investigators believe Landrith had traveled through Indiana and Wisconsin last week. She also had ties to South Dakota and Utah.

Investigators have not said if there are any suspects at this time.

In a statement, state police said Landrith lived at an address in Virginia and had ties to several states, including South Dakota and Utah. They added that she was wearing blue maternity jeans, a purple shirt and a black leather jacket when she was found.

Adamo said he believed she was killed elsewhere before her body was dumped on the highway.

According to Pennlive, neither police nor District Attorney D. Peter Johnson would confirm exactly where they believe Landrith was killed.

However, the police statement said she was “left” on the interstate ramp.

Johnson reportedly said that investigators identified Landrith by tracing paperwork found on her body. He added that her death appeared to be recent and a motive has not been determined.


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