Clinton County Courthouse Roundup


— Michael Scott Bechdel, of Lock Haven, and Danielle Renea Smith, of Lock Haven, on June 25.

— Tina Marie Snook, of Lock Haven, to Charles Martin Stern, of Lock Haven, on Aug. 21.

— Melissa Ann Beatty, of Jersey Shore, to Ryan David Seasholtz, of Jersey Shore, on Aug. 21.

— Tyana Mercedes Caris, of Coburn, Pa., to Lawrence Andrew Confer, of Beech Creek, on Aug. 21.

— Michael Joseph Considine III, of Mill Hall, to Deanna Tiffaine Grossi, of Mill Hall, on Aug. 21.

— Savannah Kay Krape, of Beech Creek, to Benjamin Paul Peters, of Beech Creek, on Aug. 21.

— Chelsea Elizabeth Douglass, of Mill Hall, to Daniel Ewing Fillippelli, of Eden, Md., on Aug. 25.

— Evan Daniel Helbley, of Loganton, to Melissa R. Shank, of Flemington, on Aug. 25.

— Katrina Stevens, of Renovo, to Todd Catlin Martin, of Renovo, on Aug. 26.

— Monica Issabella Sosu, of Lock Haven, to Alex Nyarko, of Lock Haven, on Aug. 27.

— Michael Bryan Poust, of Lock Haven, to Alisa Jean Saboski, of Lock Haven, on Aug. 27.

— Breanna Nicole Watkins, of Jersey Shore, to Tyler Patrick Fields, of Jersey Shore, on Aug. 28.

— Jeffrey Berry, of Lock Haven, to Barbara Jean Hummer, of Lock Haven, on Aug. 28.

— Hailey Jade Gorton, of Lock Haven, to Daniel Gardner Heverly, of Lock Haven, on Aug. 28.

— Renee Holdren, of Loganton, to William Alfred Miller III, of Loganton, on Aug. 28.

— Christine Lynne Gray, of Lock Haven, to James Lee Held, of Mill Hall, on Aug. 31.

— Ashley Rae Metzger, of Lock Haven, to Robert Matthew Peters, of Mill Hall, on Aug. 31.

— Cameron Blazina, of Lock Haven, to Briana Couturiaux, of Lock Haven, on Sept. 1.

— Kara Leigh Duffield, of North Bend, to Harold George Ransom, of Renovo, on Sept. 1.


No divorces were recorded.


— Amy A. and Neil H. Lehman to Steve A. Rhinehart for $170,000, property in Pine Creek Township.

— Donald W. and Bonnie J. Yarrison to Mark F. and Lacey L. Glick for $121,250, property in Porter Township.

— Cheryl L. Wagner and Cheryl L. and Todd Karstetter to Mariah E. Aber and Matthew L. Shirey for $219,500, property in Lamar Township.

— Rodney Alan and Debra Lynn Wall to Brian J. Tomb for $325,000, property in Chapman Township.

— North-Lands Inc. and Thomas McGeoy to Robert M. and Emily M. Stoltzfus for $225,000, property in Noyes Township.

— Michael J. and Tina J. Rousseau to William E. and Heidi J. Corbin for $256,000, property in Dunnstable Township.

— Spiko Inc. and Gary K. Wasson to Henry E. III and Alysse R. Williams for $237,000, property in Avis.

— Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC and Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company to BC Enterprise Solutions for $59,000, property in Lock Haven.

— Wayne A. Jr. and Nicole L. Litz to Timothy S. and Joelle M. Breneman for $71,000, property in Lock Haven.

— Loreen B. Martin to Melvin M. and Edna N. Martin for $375,000, property in Beech Creek Township.

— Elizabeth Morrin and Stephen Paul Ruhf to Kenneth L. and Betsy J. Bottorf for $127,500, property in Lock Haven.

— Evers Student Housing Inc. formerly known as Wil-Sal-Espo Inc. and David W. Evers Jr. to Joseph C. Lonardi for $87,000, property in Lock Haven.

— Rosalind Jane Petuck to Wayne F. and Margaret A. Englert for $116,500, property in Lock Haven.

— Robert R. Shook to Alexander R. Neiman for $31,500, property in Renovo.

— Elizabeth U. Steffy and Sandra W. Rishell to Darren Provan and Natasha Poorman-Provan for $141,000, property in Flemington.

— Katelyn A. Wasson to Hannah Crouse and Logan Campbell for $129,900, property in Avis.

— Karen S. and Zane L. Jr. Chapman to Robert K. and Amy L. Bowman for $100,000, property in Woodward Township.

— Sergio and Shirley Esposito to Adam K. and Katherine L. Lamey for $126,000, property in Lock Haven.

— Dennis B. Grenninger to Joshua D. and Kristal D. Shade for $178,500, property in Castanea Township.

— Russel T. and Susan K. Myers to Joseph A. VanGorder Jr. for $55,000, property in Gallagher Township.

— Emanuel K. Sr. and Mary C. Peachey to Autumn K. Tule for $109,000, property in Lock Haven.

— Borough of Flemington and Albert M. Hill to Thor Glenn for $7,500, property in Flemington.

— Richard V. and Yvonne V. Butville to Laura A. and David L. Fullerton for $333,500, property in Pine Creek Township.

— Kenneth R. and Jennifer Schoonover, Shirley J. Cross and Charles W. Cross Testamentary Trust to Keim Properties Inc. for $30,000, property in Leidy Township.


— 7,522 democrats

— 11,071 republicans

— 33 green party

— 107 libertarian

— 2,549 other

— 21,282 total voters


— 10 democrats

— 57 republicans

— 7 no affiliation

— 68 total new voters

— 20 party changes

— 49 address changes


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